February 03, 2006

Girl Next Door 2006

Don't really know whether our local version of FHM have this but our neighbour down south have the exact replica of UK's version albeit no nudity. 100 girls handpicked by readers and through SMS voting only one will emerge victorious (but of course - Ed). As we all know (you think? - Ed), KL was voted by expactriates as having the most number of beautiful women, something which we should be really proud of and our neighbour down south gotta admit to that as I only managed to pick 5 girls from the list of 100. Which is rather worrying really as more Singaporean men are marrying Malaysian women (and that's a fact? - Ed). Anyway, enjoy what they have to offer for the moment AND if I may say so, my vote goes to Rachelle Wan.

1 comment:

LcF said...

My vote goes to No.5! :-D