August 24, 2004

We're NOT bringing it home!

I don't know the true meaning behind Astro's Olympic coverage tagline, "We're bringing it home". Could it be because of the extensive live coverage and they are bringing it to all (well, not all) Malaysians? Or could it be as I suspect that there's a sense of hype that our sportsmen and women would bring some medals home? Well, as I write this, there's still about 6 more days of competition and it looks like we're NOT gonna bring it home in time for our independence day. Or wait....I might be jumping the gun wayyyyyyyyy too early here because we have but I think ONE more hopeful in the Olympics. No disrespect for that ONE competitor (in Taekwando) but the hopes of more than 20 million Malaysians rest on her and you would think that's pressure. Hahaha!! But then again what a fairy tale it would be if she did win pray tell, a GOLD medal and for the very first time ever after many tiny island nation with population of 13 had won some GOLD medals, we finally get to hear our very upbeat national anthem playing at the medals ceremony and what a gift it would be for our National Day celebration this 31st August! I will definitely give up some bad habits should something like that happen.

Come on! Bring it home! I'm about to kick some nasty habits!

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