October 23, 2004

How to roll a joint..opps cigarette

When you're just lazing around with more time in your hand than there's money in your bank account, why not try rolling a cigarette? It sure beats the convenience of pulling that stick out from your normal box and it can be fun too. Of course there's no filter but how else can you enjoy the pure pleasure of tobacco smoke? The macho way of course would be to roll it with your bare hand but hey...I'm on to make full use of technology. Instead, get one of these rolling machine from a well-stocked mamak grocery store and of course get a pack of high quality tobacco too. The machine also comes in handy in case you wanna roll a joint. :P

40 gram of pure shagadelic tobacco

The Dutch are apparently famous for some other brownish stuff :P

Hash brown? Hell no!

The semi-auto rolling machine

Fill her up with those lovely brownies

Spin the wheel to roll the brownies

Use only the finest quality paper

Carefully place paper in the wheel making sure the gummed side faces you

Lick the gum on paper carefully (don't lick it as if you're giving your bird a cunnilingus). After giving the wheel a few more spin this should be the result

Your joint err..i mean cigarette is ready. Go on, light it! Contagious laughter guaranteed. :P

Disclaimer : No person under the age of 18 shall follow the instructions given in this post. Smoking and sale of tobacco to person under the age of 18 is prohibited under the Malaysian law. The author of this post does not take weed/marijuana/grass of any kind and do not encourage others to do the same. Sale and posssesion of illegal drugs is punishable by death under Malaysian law.


Living in Thailand said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey AWESOME tutorial. Someone gave me one of those machines cause I said I couldn't roll a joint, errr I mean cigarette (ugh, I can't stand cigs). I couldn't figure out how to use that phucking thing. I google searched "how to roll a joint with cigarette roller" and after a few links found this page. Within 2 mins of landing on the page, I got it and rolled 9 joints, dammit - cigarettes, back-to-back-to... Well you get it. Anyway, I've been on this same page for about an hour and decided you at least should get a thanks from me. Awesome page, now I'm off to surf faded! On to video.stumble.com, lol!

-James(23), LA