October 06, 2004

Relaxing at Prince Hotel (Part 2)

Well, here I am again but this time checked into a bigger room and of course equipped with a digicam. Why only the pictures of the room? I haven't venture out yet from the room, that's why..haha. Let me catch my breath first before going out to check out the other facilities. Mark this column ad I will be updating it from time to time. Until I check out that is...

UPDATED 11 October!! Err..actually no update available, just somemore pictures of the view from my room. :P

Spacious deluxe executive room

Twin sharing bed and a sofa

Room with a view

Spacious bathroom with well-stocked toileteries

A long bath and seperate shower cubicle

The wardrobe c/w iron, hairdryer, personal safe etc

View from inside the wardrobe/changing room

Concrete jungle at dusk.

Bullet the red sky!!

New Standard Chartered HQ (formerly Shahzan Tower)


Rain said...

Hiya Jim,

Thanx for linking yer blog to mine. I've got a new
template now, so it looks bit better.

Rain :)

oh pls chk out my fren's site (http://teetoo.fotopages.com) for more pix of babes. U commented abt one of em in yer blog Ah Lian Rulez. Angel's a pretty nice gal. Former Miss Penang. :)

Jim Beam said...

No prob mate. Will check out your fren's site