September 28, 2004

DVD Boxset

Placed the order for these 3 boxsets a while ago and it finally arrives. Couldn't be bothered watching "Six Feet Under" season 2 on HBO because of the censored scenes. For those who have no knowledge of what they actually show in this series..there are scenes of homosexuality (men french kissing), ecstacy pills and its effect and of course, naked dead bodies. "Twin Peaks" is a cult series from the 90's and one that I have very fond memory of although it was cut short at season 2 and spawn a movie tie-in "Fire Walk With Me".

3 of my most anticipated DVD boxset and now it's all here!

Digipak gatefold boxset....nice!

Amazing quality!

I grew up reading Tintin comics and this boxset contains all the comics from "Black Island" to "Flight 714". The cartoon was shown before on the Cartoon Network. Until this day, I still pick up the comics to read. Fascinating!

Grew up reading Tintin comics and now it's available to me in digital form.

Inside the box.


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