September 06, 2004

Bukit Tinggi Resort - a photoblog

Situated in the state of Pahang, just about an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, this resort charms visitors with its French themed village, Japanese garden, golf course err..that's about it for the moment since the management's attempt to create a mini-Genting failed. Entrance fee of RM16 gives you the right to enter the Colmar Village, Japanese Garden and the rabbit farm. With temperature hovering in the 20s during the day, your kids might get bored in a few hours and wishes you have brought them to Genting instead but for the love birds...get lost here and make more love.

Colmar Village, a supposedly pseudo French themed

Bell tower with no err..bell.

Water fountain...refreshing.

Napoleon would've been proud of this (turning in his grave more likely)

Main entrance tower...yes, the part in the middle were made from plywoods.

There's even dance shows to keep you entertained.

Scantily clad dancer to keep you all awake and the hormone raging.

We are indeed a country of many first!

Teahouse in the background. Really quite tropical indeed. No cherry blossom spotted.

Apparently, a one night stay at the suite cost thousands.

One of the highest and most definitely the most secluded Japanese restaurant in Malaysia.

Rabbits galore at the rabbit farm. SPCA officials not present to deter harm done to these creature. The way some of the people handled the rabbits here is enough to make the Hammer House of Horror shivers in their pants.


Daniel said...

Yeah... i really like your blog. I want to do one on Colmar too.

Anonymous said...

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