September 27, 2004

SMS chat..hoax or for real?

Received some surprise SMS this evening. And as you can see below, something unbelievable happened. A gal trying to chat a guy (me) up!

I don't mind if "she" is really as sweet as a candy!

Now, in this day and age, it's hardly a surprise at all for it to happen. Hey, I'm not gonna complain about it. But what I will complain about is whether this is for real or an attempt by some company to make some quick buck. For your information, any reply to the supposedly lovely person behind the SMS will be charged 30 sen per SMS. What got me suspicious was this rather dodgy looking website where one can find information pertaining to this chat SMS thingy. Click on evo22's website to find out what I'm trying to convey.

Evo22...the revolutionary way to ch(e)at?

It so happen that the example they used to illustrate how this system works happens to be a "Candy". Now, what's the odd in that? Even more bizzare, if you look at one of the code example, is the profile of this supposedly sweet Candy.

Snapshot from the website. Look at line 3. Now, is this the same "Candy" as the one appearing on my mobile? Hmmm...

"Candy"'s profile..same as the example used in the operator's website

This could be some scam using a bot or a person sitting behind the PC replying to the SMS being sent by those who thought they are chatting with a genuine person. If 100 person do reply to these messages per day, the company stand to rake in RM30. Multiply that by 1000 suckers. I was a sucker too as I've "contributed" several messages to find out more. I sure would like to hear the comment (if any) made by the representative of this company when I direct them to this page. My question now, if this really is a scam or spam, how did they get my number? My mobile operator is Maxis and I'm sure they stand to gain some dough from the messages I've sent. Did they reveal my number and ID to this company? If anyone else who reads this have received similar messages, please leave a comment.

An open invitation to err..something?


Anonymous said...

If they don't have your phone# how would 'Candy' be able to reply to you?

By the way, i don't like sweets, furthermore this is a weird sweet that knows how to send sms ... :)


Loctor Mayat said...

It's a big scam like the website. I don't want candy... I want ding dang.. :P

Jason Mulgrew said...


jason mulgrew
internet quasi-celebrity

Jim Beam said...

UnkerT...which was my question exactly! How did they get my number if this is a scam? Did Maxis do it? This is not a simple case of distributing a phone number. They even know your sex in order to send you the correct messages. You wouldn't want a man to send another man these messages right?

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