November 01, 2004

Art Or Fart?

Year end clearance of some stockpile pictures that either doesn't fit into any theme or I haven't thought of one yet.


Double Splash

Passion Flower

Me & You


Ocean Of Eternity

Lifeless Soul

The Nightfly

Cascades Of Color



babe_kl said...

jim kor, may i know where u host yr pics? thks

Loctor Mayat said...

Wah.. not bad Uncle Jimbo..

Vlad said...

Is it just me or the photo Double Splash shows the face of an old woman, with the splitting waterfall looking like the grey hair.

Please prove my sanity right.

Jim Beam said...

babekl...I host my pics at Hello, standard feature in Blogspot.


vlad...Blimey!! You are right! I didn't notice it until you point it out. Gosh...

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