November 09, 2004

Unfulfilled Desire

What is it with men and their attraction for the fairer sex? With the exception of homosexuals, us men often find ourselves in a predicament each and every time we come across a women who in our own unique taste seem attractive. Single or not, this is happening to some significant percentage of the male population save for those goodie goodie type of person. We croon, we infatuate, we fantasize, we lust and all other sorts of concoction to sometimes more than one woman. Are we such beast that we are unable to control our libido? Or is it passion we are seeking? Passion that could be missing from an existing relationship perhaps? Is it always better at the other side? We are prepared to give it all, sacrifice even, just to be with that dream of ours. Or perhaps when deep inside we know that the object of our affection is unattainable, we lose appetite, lose our sense of direction, lose the will to live, lose a meaningful life or worse, lose everything fighting a lost cause. We often find ourselves begging to turn back the clock and correct past “mistakes” when we thought we’ve found that special someone that’s been the missing link all this while. Alas, there ain’t no McFly and DeLorean in this world, no 24 hour kiosk we can slot a few coins (or notes) in to bring us back to the past. It’s a sad little episode we have to deal with and deal with it some did. But what of the others?

And what if we managed to attain what we’ve been seeking? Will it be the start of another vicious cycle? Do we understand the meaning of the word “satisfaction”? Are we after all, romantic fools? Confused? Don’t be. Some of you who read this might just understand what I’m rambling about here. I make no apology for perhaps being too general here. I am a confused soul (or perhaps a fool) waiting for the right medicine.

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UnkerT said...

Well, lusts never last, loves do ;)

Happened to come across this blog, beautiful couple, beautiful marriage, it may seem too perfect to be true, but guess with hard works putting into a relationship, it's achieveable.

Cheers !