February 08, 2005

Chaozhou City, China (Part 2)

Night scene at Chaozhou Square

Entertainment for the mass public comes in the form of a spectacular water and light display at Chaozhou Square which is free of charge and starts from 8pm everyday. It seems ridiculous that some of us have to pay to watch similar display back home (Mines Theme Park comes to mind). Tourists and Chaozhou residents throngs to the square in numbers without fail every night as the square doubles as a public park with many variety of flora.

Evening at Chaozhou Square

Pretty fountains lined up for your viewing pleasure

A huge square cum park for a city smaller than KL

Clock tower on the left, bank on centre & city's only 4-star hotel on the right

Clever use of water spray which doubles as a huge video screen (not visible through camera lens)

Let the light show begins!

Water display at all four corners of the square

to be continued...


Loctor Mayat said...

Bro.. why you go China so often one??

Jim Beam said...

Ehem...."official" business :)

Anonymous said...

wow! the water display looks pretty spectacular!! reminds me of one i saw in Singapore on Sentosa Island but this one seems much more grand!

Jim Beam said...

Thanks anonymous but err...it would be nice if you could leave your name so that I don't have to address you as "anonymous". :)

Anonymous said...

There's another 4 star hotel in chaozhou(better than the one that you mentioned here).

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