February 17, 2005

Chaozhou City, China (Part 3) UPDATED

Updated 24th February 2005

A majestic pagoda in the middle of a public park

Hanjiang Bridge

Tien Hou Temple

Entrance of Tien Hou temple

Walkway of a public park

Roadside stall selling cigarettes

A typical narrow street in the old part of Chaozhou

One morning beside the lake

Serene condition

Old colonial building (The English were here back in Chaozhou glorious days)

Full of lush trees

Trees that grows on wall

Brief history

Fotress protecting the Langxilou building

Light beacon

Another view of the Hanjiang River from Langxilou building

The Langxilou building (ancient well on the left)

The well, now dry and full of notes and coins..a dry wishing well


ags said...

Nice Blog Jim, plain but useful

Loctor Mayat said...

Abang Jimbo,

One month didn't blog liao... what happened to you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos with us!

Jim Beam said...

Thanks for the kind words.

To Loctor...ayam kambing bag soon!

Getting There said...


YOur Chauzhou trips sounds fantastic. I am thinking of going there, could you go there by train from HK, would you know where I can find out some information about getting a train to Chaozhou from HK?

Jim Beam said...

Hi err Getting There,

I have no idea of any train from HK to Chaozhou. What I know is you can get there from Shenzhen using the expressway. There are flights from HK to Shantou and then a taxi to Chaozhou. Trains, as far as I know, departs from Guangzhou.

FriendlyGuy1212 said...

Outdoor Clock

Qiang said...

Hi there !
Very nice pictures of Chaozhou :o)
I will go there in December from Guangzhou. I will also visit Shantou.
Where did you stay in Chaozhou?
Could me recommend me some affordable and decent accomodation?
Did you manage to move around easily?

Thanks a lot !