June 15, 2005

The importance of blogging

Yes, I am back and running after a self-imposed excile of err...a few months. That's the time when I managed to reflect on the going-ons of my own life and hopefully re-emerged a better man *sic*. Actually, it's a miracle that through the months of non-blogging, the hit counter below this page has gone up consistently meaning there are still people out there who regularly visits this page. And I thank you very much for it. People from as far as Mexico, Morocco, United States etc and that's where it hits me....blogging is important! Here we are, representative of our own country, so it's either a hit or miss in the promotion of your country. I'm sure many people around the world still has misconception or are ignorant of the facts about Malaysia. No country is perfect of course and my policy is not to make this as another tourism related page (where everything is rosy). You can of course check out blogs by fellow Malaysians at the links provided on the right. Meanwhile, here are some sampling of what Malaysia has to offer. More to follow soon...

And err...did I mention this is my blog's FIRST ANNIVERSARY?

Faces of past & present Prime Ministers carved with sand at A'Famosa Resort, Melaka

Cowboy town at A'Famosa Resort, Melaka

KL Bird Park

Cool waterfall

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

World's longest pedestrian suspension bridge at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park


phangan said...

good to see your blog active again :D

Just Wandering said...

Wow...nice pics!