June 22, 2005

Movie Review

Normally I wouldn't do this but lately I've been going cinema crazy. I've watched just about everything the cineplexes have to offer. Obviously, I didn't miss any of the recent summer blockbusters. Here are a few of them and my own short little review of each.

Revenge Of The Sith


All the hype leading to this release, all the loose end that needs to be tied up in this trilogy prequel. It's all here, I guess. Witness how Anakin Skywalker turns to the dark side of the Force and became Darth Vader. However, I must admit and without being a spoiler to those who haven't seen this movie, that the reason for Anakin's eventual transformation was rather err..lame. I've expected more and didn't get any. Still, it was a sight to behold the moment Darth Vader reappears again with that familiar scary breathing. 28 years is a long time and George Lucas did a fine job (despite criticism of Episodes 1 & 2). For me, I can't wait for the DVD release of Episode 3 so that I can watch both set of trilogies at one go! Still, it would be funny to listen to Obi Wan Kenobi explaining to Luke Skywalker in Episode 6 of how he first met Luke's father, Anakin. Something Lucas didn't fix.

Rating : ****



This has to be one of the worst movie I've ever seen. OK, there's 2 beautiful people starring in this movie. And I'm afraid that's just about it! Sitting through 1 hour and 55 minutes (less in Malaysian cinemas due to censorship) of this movie was in a word, torturing. I nearly walked out of this movie if not for a certain person. Enough said.

Rating : * (the sole star only for the casting)



They say fine wine gets better with age. I'll say the same thing about Nicole Kidman. She just look amazing in this movie and her chemistry with co-star Sean Penn was absolutely sizzling. Even more than the supposed chemistry between a certain Mr.Pitt and Ms.Jolie. And oh...the movie itself? One of the best movie of the year so far. There's enough twist and turn, adequate action sequence, thrills and spills. Highly recommended (even if you don't like the movie, Ms.Kidman is enough reason to spend your money on this movie).

Rating : ****

The return of the caped crusader


I gave up on the Batman series after the first sequel. However, with new director and casts and the promise of a much darker version, I had to see it. And surprise surprise, it didn't disappoint. There wasn't any timeline mentioned though from the looks of it, it could be the present or a not so distant future. Which creates a problem if 'Batman Begins' is supposed to be the prequel to the first Batman starring Michael Keaton. In the latter, the scenes looks more retro. It's irrelevant I guess because Gotham City looks completely different from the previous Batmans. Go watch this with an open mind if the previous Batmans has corrupted it. The mention of a future villain at the end of this movie was a nice touch.

Rating : ***

Delicious soon to be Mrs.Cruise


OK..I didn't see this one! :) Is there any reason (Ning Baizura could be one) to see it? Answer on the usual address please.

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