August 11, 2005

Hazy Shades Of Winter

Alright, it's not exactly winter here. In fact there ain't no such things as winter here. Just thought the title sounds nice and was a hit song by The Bangles if I'm not mistaken. Friends over at Penang and Johor must be laughing at us, the Klang Valley residents. Why not when one can't even see beyond 500 metre (at certain places) with this thick foul haze hovering above and around us. But hey..laugh it up! The wind could change anytime soon! Once again, thanks to our neighbour, we are 'enjoying' this annual haze festival. Only this time it seems worst!! Our leaders refrains and would not utter it but hey...this is a blog and what the fog! What the F**K are you Indonesians going to do about the peat and forest fire in your freaking land??? Don't you know it's affecting my pleasure in smoking cigarettes? Speaking of which, this 'imported' haze is pretty ironic for those who detest second-hand smokes.

Expressway at 6pm and hey you driver up front...your tailgate is missing a light! Can I send this to JPJ? :)

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