August 30, 2005

Aquaria KL

You may not be a convention or exhibition 'kaki' but there is a reason to visit the spanking new Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. There is a distinct lack of aquarium in town, in fact there's none unless you count the giant aquarium shop near Shah Alam's Wet World as one. So, every city needs one I guess. One would expect such exhibits to be near some zoo but hey, who's to argue if it's near the vicinity of KLCC. There is an admission charge however and be prepared to be taken aback by its quite steep price. There is an ongoing special "Merdeka" promotion going on however. If you decides to go there during the weekends and school holidays, be prepared to wait as the queue could stretch until the underground tunnel leading into Suria KLCC. Yes, there's a linkage between these two as you would expect.

There are as you would expect lots of different marine life but the main attraction of Aquaria is the underwater world (experience the ocean below without getting wet and in the comfort of air conditioning and err..glasses). Very much comparable to Singapore's version if not better but definitely much better than the one at Langkawi. Star of the err..pond will have to be the Sand Tiger Sharks.


Zeppellina said...

What fabulous photographs!
Looks reall amazing!

nana said...

nice pics and fantastic place!
we have Oceanário in Portugal,
similar concept and beauty!

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CFC said...

In Malaysia, you'd have to see new things before the rotting decay of Tidakus Aparitus sets in, which the minimum time would be 6 months or less

Anonymous said...

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