November 26, 2005


Miss me? I certainly hope so! Anyway, there's no excuse this time. Just plain freaking lazy! The aspiration of updating this blog at least twice a week was err..just aspiration. Reality is, I've been putting off this and that but in the end nothing gets done. To those who have commented on some posting, I apologise for not answering. I'm sure I'll get around to doing it soon (yeah right!). Truthfully, there's more comment spam than actual comments. Glad Blogger included the spam filter. more cock talking and time to get something done to this blog, content wise. When? I'll get around to it don't worry......eventually. To keep you guys occupied, here's a delicious picture for your viewing pleasure. The gals? about that little picture of me at the top right corner? :)

LEAH DIZON Soon to be the planet's sexiest woman.

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