November 27, 2005

Bagan Lalang/Tanjung Sepat

Bagan Lalang, situated a few kilometres from the town of Sungai Pelek in the district of Sepang, is a viable alternative to the beaches of Port Dickson. Bagan Lalang has a cleaner and wider beach front. Definitely not as crowded or busy as Port Dickson, the beach provides most necessity like public baths, food centre and lots of shady cooling trees. There's even a Seri Malaysia hotel nearby for those who prefer to stay overnight. Quite secluded and if you have nothing to do on a typical weekday, you can practically have the whole beach to yourself while you are relaxing reading a book.

After a day at the beach and when the hunger pang strikes, head over to Tanjung Sepat. There's a number of seafood restaurants and being a fishing village, the catch should be fresh. Don't forget to visit the "Lover's Bridge" (don't have the slightest clue why it's called that as it's more a jetty than anything else). Below the jetty, when it's the low tide, watch out for thousands of tiny crabs!

"Lover's Bridge" (no lover spotted and it's freaking jetty!)


Anonymous said...

Hi, sounds nice! Can you give me an idea how to get there from ELITE highway? I'm presuming ELITE highway is the best route there :) Thanks! And good blogging!

Loctor Mayat said...

wah... nice shots..