January 10, 2006

New Year New Hope

10 days into the new year and here it is my first entry of 2006. I've made a vow to not post anymore travel logs coz it's just too boring. I will up the ante this year! More hardcore journalism is needed to survive nowadays. Yes, something in the mould of KOSMO (the newspaper) generalising anime as animated porn. They are that good. But of course most of you blog nerds would have heard (or read) of Huai Bin being hauled by the authorities for promoting illicit drugs. Kudos to the authorities for spotting that! Actually it wasn't even the authorities who spotted it initially. Yes, hardcore journalism did it! Some eagle-eyed reporter from a chinese daily apparently. Perhaps it was the two dude who got sacked recently. I wasn't sad when Huai Bin was "caught". Heck, he was wrong in posting such nonsense. Us Malaysians needs to be shielded from such evil!! How could he have been so immature and irresponsible? He may give all the excuses he wants justifying his action but mate, you are living in Malaysia. Period. You know the best part? This dude was even commended by some quarters for his excellent work with his blog. How ironic! Yes ladies and gentlemen. This is sixthseal bashing day.

OK..OK...I admit I'm jealous of his success. Heck, maybe I'll video myself shooting one day. That'll guarantee instant fame.

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