January 10, 2006

How to find your own happiness

A step by step guide to finding your own happiness

1. Spot a golden brown dyed hair Ah Beng anywhere (chances will be he knows where to get the stuff or know someone who does)
2. Get the mobile number of the dealer (always a prepaid) and keep it on your speed dial.
3. Call the bugger and tell him Ah Beng recommended him. (Warning! He might be suspicious of you initially thinking you are some BIB but convince him using some super Ah Beng language)
4. Always ask the price first before asking him to deliver.
5. Don't expect delivery to be made directly to your home. He's not Pizza Hut. Delivery will be made to clubs initially. After a few buys, only then will he deliver straight to your home.
6. Enjoy your happiness.

DISCLAIMER : The writer of this feature does not guarantee you will truly find happiness using the method above nor does he guarantee the effectiveness of the method (especially no.1). The writer also abstain responsibility should you managed to find happiness but decides to sue me for teaching you how to find happiness. For the authorities, I am not trying to promote stuff like what Huai Bin does. He does not own this blog nor do I allow such thing to corrupt my blog.

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