January 14, 2008

Annoyance & such

As the first post of the year that is 2008, I present to you a list (don't we all love lists) of everything that annoys me. All the stuff in the list represents the almost everyday occurance in Malaysia, so I wont include stuff like Mat Rempit which is as foreign to the rest of the world as having knowledge of how some people manages to fart and burp at the same time. But enough blabbing and let's go to the low down.

1. Supermarket Sample Day

Almost every weekend when you visits your local supermarket (or hypermarket), there will be a lot of promotions inside the market itself. Here one can sample a variety of newly introduced and also some established food products served to you in small cups or in very tiny tidbit size. It is noble (are you sure that's the word? - Ed) of these company to use this kind of method as part of the product's promotion. I use the word "noble" because the way some people approach this is to gorge up all the available food there by taking seconds or thirds not to mention the participation of the whole family! Heck, it's like a picnic to them. I am not complaining that I couldn't get my fair share of the err...meal. But it's ridiculous how some of these people actually waits for promoters to finish cooking or pouring the stuff, gorge it all up and then have the cheek to comment on how the food or drink taste like shit.

2. Weekend Parking

Another thing that is a genuine annoyance to most Klang Valley residents is the unavailability (or rather a lack) of parking space in ALL malls! It's annoying because one have to wake up early Sunday morning and rush to any mall before 11am to get decent parking spaces. After that, it's the survival of the most alert or the most patient.

3. The Emergence of Flea (Street) Markets

I have nothing against this but don't they have anything else to sell besides clothing and more clothing?

4. The Lack of Promotion from Celcom

No, I am not in love with this telco provider but just for the sake of convenience, why don't they organise road shows to promote their mobile broadband? I want to compare their service with that of Maxis but alas, one can only see the latter and Digi competing. Kudos to the Celcom management for being able to keep their company afloat despite the lack of promotion. And no, Giggs and Terry doesn't inform me of anything besides powerful.

5. The Lack of A Real Mobile Phone

Why oh why don't the mobile phone makers er..make a phone that doesn't have a camera built in anymore? I want a decent phone (not those cheapo ones) that doesn't have this function. Do we all really love photography so much so that we can't live without having a camera?

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