March 11, 2008

Malaysian Election 2008

So, another general election has come and go. Unless you are a Malaysian stuck in the harsh weather of Antartica (another BN's sponsored expedition?), you should have already known the result. What does the result mean for the the average person in the street? Yes, BN is denied a 2/3 majority in parliament. Yes, the coalition of DAP, PKR & PAS had conquered 5 states in the peninsular. Yes, there was a tremendous swing in votes in favour of the coalition. BUT, how is this beneficial for the people?

In the immediate aftermath of what they labelled as a "political tsunami", the KLSE drops a massive 130+ index points and continues to drop, the leadership at the top remains unchanged, the mainstream medias are still in a state of denial, the price of essential items remains the same etc. Obviously, one wouldn't expect rapid changes but indications are there that the powers that be who are still clinging on to their comfort chairs are still defiant! Therefore, it can be safely assumed that these buggers are what a former Australian PM termed Dr Mahathir as "recalcitrant"!

Believe it, these buggers will continue their sloppy administration, wield their "keris", give remarks that would make George W Bush sounds like Bob Hope and squander public funds. This recalcitrant bunch would make you squirm like a worm, toss in bed like an earthquake, cry like a baby and perhaps the occasional laugh as they perform their Mr Bean antics. No lesson learn, no quarters given. 2/3 majority is not important, son-in-law not in charge, no pressure to resign. Some of the comments PM Badawi made in the aftermath but does he also realise that there is no vote of confidence either?

In the meantime, the Hindraf 5 are still in jail, the Indians are still neglected, the Chinese can't build more temples nor schools, the Malays will not receive the goodies they were promised in NEP and I am still paying RM1.92/litre for petrol. Life goes on I guess. I am however, waiting in anticipation for the coalition to reveal the finances in the 4 new states they conquered. It wont surprise me however if they found nothing!.....meaning there's nothing left in the coffers.

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