June 29, 2004


Alright..I'll confess that my profile ain't exactly correct. I DO watch some of the DVDs that I bought (eventhough there's countless that were bought many months ago just sits there collecting dusts). No footie match yesterday so sat through a few episodes of the lovely boxset you see below. Am into the 5th disc now and the thing about watching TV series boxsets......NOT THAT THEME MUSIC AGAIN!!! Although I'll have to admit that this 'Alias' series do away with elaborate opening theme and sometimes none at all! For those who not in the know, 'Alias' is about a university student recruited into the CIA to do their spying stuffs. Well, is Jenniffer Garner a hot chick? Well, you can't argue about her body but after sitting through almost 2 seasons of this show, her face is beginning to look err..normal. I am however beginning to have the hots over Lena Olin. She plays Jennifer Garner's mum in the show. What is it with me and older chicks? That broad in C.S.I is also one of my favourite. Never can pronounce nor spell her name. Starts with Marc Helger..something! Here's to a few more hours of 'Alias' and then perhaps I can start on the 'NYPD Blue' boxset (arse alert!)

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