June 28, 2004

My CD collection

My CD collection

This cabinet alone stores about 900 CDs. All originals la in case you're wondering. This picture is deceiving actually. The cabinet, bought at IKEA, actually sags in the middle. Is it the sheer weight of the CDs? But IKEA quoted in their catalogue that this thing can hold 900 CDs! I think they were refering to those pirated CDs that's sold without the jewel boxes. Or perhaps I have too many double album in one jewel box? Whatever it is, there could come a day when the whole breaks into two in the middle. Can I get compensation from IKEA? Do you think that IKEA, one of the world's biggest corporation, would care? Good questions but they really ought to improve the quality of the stuff they sell especially those that originates from China. Not saying that those that comes from Poland are any good either.

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n-g said...

Wow. Amazing.