June 28, 2004

Nice packaging of DVD box set.

Perhaps you are not aware but the boxset you see above is the bootleg version. How these bootleggers have improve in their presentation. For a fraction the cost of the original boxset (typically around RM300 to 500), you'll get with this bootleg version, gatefold digipak, high quality printing, dual layer discs BUT there's still spelling mistakes on the box's printing. I would have thought since they took the copyright of a film, why not just scan the whole sleeve of the originals and print it? Perhaps they did it intentionally to distinguish between the originals and the bootlegs?

DVD and VCD bootlegs have long been the bane in Malaysia's society. You can't live with it nor can you live without it. You have on one side, the government telling you of the inter-connection between the bootleg industries and the secret societies. On the other hand, you are dying to see that latest movie in its full uncensored glory. Furthermore, it's cheaper to buy a bootleg than to bring the whole circus to the cinemas. For every reason given not to buy bootlegs, there will always be 10 counter arguments FOR buying bootlegs. Will there be no end to our societies craving for cheap bootlegs? Perhaps when the world body kicks us out of the WTO (because of these blantant copyright infringements) would we then realise our follies?

But are the society really to be blamed for this? When you stop people from watching Sharon Stone's full glory in the movie 'Basic Instinct', when you deny people the access to the seminal movie 'Schindler's List' or even the crappy 'Phantom', when you are butchering movies in the name of protecting the society from all immoralities (as if), when you are pricing your products many times over the average wage earners. Need I go on?


Anonymous said...

Absoluteley correct. Official DVDs are too expensive.

Mike said...

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