July 03, 2004


Due to the lack of creativity (and a late night binge), no posting for the last 2 days. My mind is still in a blank. Looking forward to the weekend? Err..it's already the weekend. What's in store? Wimbledon's final between Sharapova and Williams is certainly something to look forward to. And then there's the drab French GP which would undoubtedly be won by a certain Schumacher. Oh yes...the BIG one! The conclusion of Euro 2004. Surprise finalist Portugal and Greece. They couldn't have written the script any better. Opening match between these two ends with the final with the same. But enough about Euro which would have been mentioned in countless blogs everywhere. BTW...Portugal's gonna win. (Mark my words) :)

About the late night binge, it's heartening (or not) to note that at 2.30am, there's no less than 8 road blocks around the Kuala Lumpur area. Bulk of it were near the Sultan Ismail/Bkt Bintang area. Whether these does the job of reducing accidents as a result of drunk driving remains to be seen. I am expecting nothing less for this weekend. No doubt, the party will be on until at least 5am this Sunday (Monday morning) because of the footie final. Expect a lot of panda eyes come Monday morning in the office. Cheers but watch out for the BIBs!

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