July 19, 2004

Lost in Love

This is something new to me. Other than the time when I was stuck out of civilisation at Maldives, I've never failed to log on to the internet for more than 2 days. And here I am, logging in after almost 6 days! Wow! Checked my mails just now and there's a total of 243 unread mails! Double wow! Truly, I can't live with or without the cyberspace; something which has given me much joy personally over the last 10 years.
The reason for my absence? Did I mention the net giving me personal joy? Well, I found that there ARE other stuff worth considering besides being a computer geek (which incidentally I am not, for irony!). The stuff one can do to one own body is limitless. I'd like to put this in the perspective of a joyride. You "steal" your own time and ride on it. Where you wanna head to is up to your navigation (imagination). Bear with me oh fellow netizens. I can just about throw sensitivity out of the window.

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Anonymous said...

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