January 15, 2005

SMS scam - the saga continues

I've highlighted about this in a previous post entitled "SMS chat". I've even posted the link of that post to Maxis (my cell operator) and Evo22 (company responsible for these SMSes). Apparently, nothing has been done yet as evidenced by these messages I receives regularly and from the same nickname! Look at these messages carefully and pay attention in particular to the dates. Of course this time I didn't reply to any of these messages but this "WK" is one persistent fella I tell you. Either that or this proves my theory correct about random automated messaging created by the company which provides this service itself in order to gain more dough generated from replies to the number. By the way, as you might have guessed, Evo22 and this 36322 thingy operates a supposedly SMS chat program. Much like the internet instant messaging but the difference is this is done between mobiles. Each reply to the number will be charged 30 sen.

Most people I'm sure wouldn't mind if this service is genuine and messages are from real people. But I don't think this is the case and this is indeed sad because in a way, it's a scam. It seems more and more of these 5 digit SMS number thingy are springing up in the country and something must be done to regulate the services. The cellular companies are not doing much OR are not willing to do anything (they do receive a portion of the monies from the SMSes), so I guess it's about time the government steps in before this blows out of proportion. What's stopping them from in future provides pornos?

Innocent question and greeting initially from this mysterious person

OK...this is getting annoying...happy countdown at the 3rd of January?

I'm beginning to feel lonely if this goes on


earl-ku said...

yeah same old ... same old shit ... they sent and u pres reply to the 5 digit number u will be charged 50 cent ... or something ... + ur telco charges its another 10 or 15 cent ...

like sms.ac


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