January 03, 2005

Tsunami Aftermath

It's the year 2005 already and most people around the world entered it with sombre mood. 8 days after the tragedy struck, millions of people around the affected areas are still suffering from it. Threat of starvation and disease is looming even as international aid begins to trickles in. The grim task of recovering the bodies, some of which may never be found, falls upon the shoulders of all relief and rescue workers. It's heartening to know that people from all over the world are chipping in to help in what experts call "the greatest natural disaster". Flags are flying at half-mast even at places half way around the world.

In Malaysia, scores of organization are helping to either collect cash donations or contributions (clothings, food etc). It's the same scene all over the world. No consoling words can relief the victims but it's heartening to know that some political barriers have been breached. Tamil rebels and Aceh insurgents are laying down arms. Cross section of people from different religions are working together. This is perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel which is much needed as countries affected tries to re-build.

Paradise lost, destructions, weeping men & women, the grim aftermath.

All the affected countries

Sources : AP/AFP

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Living in Thailand said...

We have a website that was created during the Tsunami please let us know if any people there is found and we will delete themAfter the Tsunami