December 30, 2004

Tsunami Disaster

The number of dead currently has risen to 114,000. Survivors are now at risk of many diseases. There's shortage of clean water, food and medicine. All grim facts and figures greets us day after day since tsunami struck South Asia on the 26th of December. Malaysia, death toll stands at 66 people not including the missings, has declared that there will not be any celebration to usher in the new year on midnight 31st December. I sincerly hope that the general public will donate a portion of the money they have allocated for the celebration tomorrow night to the various NGOs and funds set up to help the Tsunami victims.

Please direct your generous donation to the followings:

International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent


Malaysian Tsunami Disaster Fund

OR other NGOs you are familiar and comfortable with with your donations.

Bird eye's view of the destruction at Gurney Drive

Seconds before the wave strikes a row of fishing village at Telok Bahang, Penang

Multiple waves hitting the shores of Penang

Pictures courtesy of Ben, Leslie and Agnelo.


Candace said...

Hi. I found you via Link2Blogs. Great pictures! I'm also a fan of teddY-risatioN, also in Malaysia. He's at

Jim Beam said...

Thanks Chenoah for the compliment. Many thanks too to all who've left messages and emails.

teddY said...

Wow this post is really different than others - you've got pics which lots of news sites don't have! Haha, frankly speaking I found your blog via Yahoo! search (wierd eh?), but I find it very interesting and decided to link your blog in mine. =)

Anonymous said...

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Living in Thailand said...

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