December 13, 2004

Genting Highlands - a photoblog

Back home, I guess I can't get enough of the cool air in China, so decided to head uphill to the often blogged (I guess) hill resort of Genting Highlands. Famous for its casino, it's also making head way in other areas in particularly its theme park, both in and outdoor. Seriously overcrowded on weekends, it's nowadays a must visit for tourists because of its obvious draw.

True to its chinese name, "Yuen Ding", a typical cloudy day in Genting

The pagoda on the left seen from the top

A particularly foggy day...temperature was 16 degree

View of the outdoor theme park

The Venetian canal ride at First World...albeit a bit artificial.

Creepy guy "rowing"

Interesting views along the ride

Big Ben in Malaysia

Lady Liberty on a Harley!!

Oh..that name is such a dead giveaway!

A tall order! Comedy in one of First World's rather ridiculously priced restaurant

Another view of the canal ride

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WK said...

I just bump into your site and found your photos very interesting. I was at Genting last year August. I was curious your statement abut immigrating to China. Is just for work or for good?