December 28, 2004

Tsunami hits Malaysia (more pictures)

The killer tsunami which hit South Asia has now claimed more than 29,000 lives including 58 in Malaysia. More death are to be expected. It's indeed a very sad way to end the year. I sincerly hope there won't be any extravagant celebration for the coming New Year 2005 because of this disaster. The figures are getting worst day after day. These pictures captured the moments during and after the wave that lashed through Penang. Many thanks to zapzone8, wongls, ronn and zendened for these pictures.

This family seems oblivious to the impending wave in the background

The calm before the coming havoc. The usual family stroll along Gurney Drive about to take the turn for the worst!

Wave lashing onto Gurney Drive

First series of wave to hit Gurney Drive

All hell breaks loose!

A sampan thrown by the force of the wave onto the road near Ferringgi.

The mess at Gurney Drive

The seafood restaurant near the roundabout of Gurney Drive

More mess

A poignant scene from Penang

If you wish to help, please pledge your donation to The International Red Cross Federation Please support them. Alternatively, you can also contribute to the Malaysian Tsunami Disaster Fund.


Anonymous said...

Greeting from a Msian in the US

We have started a post to encourage MSians from around the world to donate and help Tsunami victims, feel free to read and share ur thoughts and inputs...

Appreciate life

Paul said...

This is sad!

For thos who want to help out... I have added some Christian mission relief links to:

Anonymous said...

I have been watching the news, but admit this website has educated me on Tsunami events. I feel so sad for all the ones alive who have lost everything. I wish them all the best and hope that everyone would send a small donation. 5.00, 10.00, whatever they can afford. I guess we will never know the devastation Asia is suffering, maybe my 10.00 donation will feed a family, if even for a day.

Living in Thailand said...

We have a website that was created during the Tsunami please let us know if any people there is found and we will delete themAfter the Tsunami